Pavement Sealers & Finishes

To help protect and enhance StreetBond colorants, we developed complementary pavement sealers, finishes, and decorative stamping patterns, creating endless possibilities for pavement surfaces.

We made it easy to prep your pavement for a worry-free application. Our concrete and asphalt seal coating solution, Acrylic Finish Neutral, helps to reduce pavement porosity on sport courts, enabling a smoother application for additional StreetBond products.

Considering asphalt revitalization? StreetBond Asphalt Stamping Templates are unique surfacing solutions that provide the appearance of decorative pavers with a flat, practical alternative that helps reduce trip hazards associated with unit pavers working loose and shifting.

Seal in asphalt color - including StreetBond 120 and StreetBond 150 - with a semi-gloss protective finish. When applied to the surface of a newly completed project, StreetBond Sealer Concentrate helps reduce dirt and tire pickup in hot climates, protecting your pavement from wear and tear.

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Unsure which StreetBond product is right for you? Need help with day-of application? Our supportive team of StreetBond technicians are here to help, remotely or in-person.
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At StreetBond, we want to see applicators succeed. That’s why we offer a robust “Certified Applicator” package that's packed full of resources and benefits to help you and your business thrive.
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As the provider of premium pavement coating solutions, StreetBond has been used in a wide variety of applications, creating unique and functional designs for new, aged, and repaired pavement surfaces.