Asphalt Stamping Templates

two different stamped patterns
Providing a cost-effective alternative to decorative pavers, StreetBond Asphalt Stamping Templates are used to create patterned impressions in hot asphalt surfaces prior to application of StreetBond pavement coatings.

Fabricated from a specially woven, swaged steel wire rope that is flexible, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of the imprinting process, StreetBond asphalt templates elevate traditional asphalt pavement, adding texture and interest to your streets.

before and after installation of patterned asphalt on a driveway
Patterned asphalt makes a welcoming entrance

Custom templates available

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Advantages of StreetBond StreetPrint asphalt stamping
Pavers have limited style options and are expensive to buy, install, and maintain. Asphalt stamping:
Evoke the look of decorative pavers without heaving, cracking or weed growth
Cost-effective application
Low upkeep
Mitigates toe catches and trip hazards caused by settling
Examples of cracked and overgrown bricks that are not performing as well as stamped asphalt
Contractor inspecting surface of fresh pavement.
Comprehensive support from our team
Unsure which StreetBond product is right for you? Need help with day-of application? Our supportive team of StreetBond technicians are here to help, remotely or in-person.
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Get certified with StreetBond
At StreetBond, we want to see applicators succeed. That’s why we offer a robust “Certified Applicator” package that's packed full of resources and benefits to help you and your business thrive.
Two professionals reviewing city planning designs.
Versatility and durability trusted by municipalities far and wide
As the provider of premium pavement coating solutions, StreetBond has been used in a wide variety of applications, creating unique and functional designs for new, aged, and repaired pavement surfaces.