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StreetBond Sealer Concentrate

Protect and enhance pavement markings with StreetBond Sealer Concentrate, a high quality, semi-gloss sealer that can be applied to the surface of a newly completed project to help provide protection against dirt and tire pick up.

Over StreetBond SB 150
Over StreetBond SB 120
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Formulated for use on recently applied StreetBond SB 150 and StreetBond SB 120 pavement coatings or properly prepared older installations, StreetBond Sealer Concentrate seals the surface with an aesthetically pleasing semi-gloss finish that can also help protect pavement in hot climates. Reapply regularly to maintain shiny appearance.

Dry time touch dry at 1–4 hours at 77°F (25°C) and 40% humidity [ASTM D5895]

Shelf life 24 months, if stored between 40°F and 90°F (4°C and 32°C)

Unit size One unit (box) of StreetBond Sealer Concentrate consists of:

  • Box contains two 1.58 gallon (6.0 liter) jugs
1-Year Limited Warranty

Refer to the StreetBond® 1-year Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.


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