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StreetBond SB 150

Extend the life of your pavement and enhance the aesthetics of your pavement surfaces with SB 150 - an innovative pavement coating solution that preserves and protects.

Parking Lots
Bus and Cycle Lanes
Traffic Calming
Pathways and Entryways
Level and Raised Medians
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StreetBond SB 150 is a two-component advanced waterborne epoxy-modified acrylic coating designed for application on textured (stamped) or non-textured (flat) asphalt pavement. With proper surface preparation and primer, StreetBond SB 150 can be used on concrete.

Formulated for use on both pedestrian and vehicular applications, StreetBond SB 150 is our most versatile product. Protect and enhance roads, crosswalks, parking lots, playgrounds, and sports surfaces with an easy-to-apply, easy-to-enjoy pavement coating.

Application Temperature 50°F (10°C) - 113°F (45°C)

VOC (Calculated) <50 g/l

Drying Time Touch dry at 1-4 hours at 77°F (25°C) and 40% humidity [ASTM D5895]

Shelf Life 24 months

Available Sizes

5 gallon

  • Part A: (3.75 gal net content)
  • Part B: 1-quart (1 quart net content) – Always used with Colorant (1 pint or 1 quart depending on color)

55 gallon

  • Part A: (45 gallon net content)
  • Part B: 2-gallon (1.9 gallon net content) – Always used with Colorant (2-gallon)
1-Year Limited Warranty

Refer to the StreetBond® 1-year Limited Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.


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