StreetBond accessories & primers

StreetBond accessories and primers are engineered to fortify and complement StreetBond coatings.

Concrete Primer WB

StreetBond Concrete Primer WB is a clear, two part, water-borne epoxy primer that is easy to mix, easy to use, and provides superior results. It is applied over concrete by brush, roller, or spray equipment. StreetBond Concrete Primer WB dries quickly (60–90 minutes), which provides a unique “lacquer dry” (dust-free) cure, allowing it to be recoated the same day with StreetBond SB150, SB120, or DuraShield. It has a long working time (2–3 hours), which allows larger batches to be mixed. The material cleans up from hands and tools easily with soap and water.

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Adhesion Promoter Concentrate

Over time, asphalt can become polished on its high points, making the mechanical bonding process more difficult. StreetBond Adhesion Promoter Concentrate was developed to enhance the adhesion of StreetBond coatings applied over asphalt surfaces with polished aggregates, bonding the StreetBond coating to polished smooth surfaces. StreetBond Adhesion Promoter Concentrate’s fast and simple application makes it an easy addition to any project.

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CemBase Asphalt Fortifier

StreetBond CemBase Asphalt Fortifier is a cementitious, epoxy-modified, acrylic-based waterborne surfacing product designed for application on stamped (textured) asphalt pavements only. It helps stamped asphalt pavement to resist scuffing on applications such as driveways and pathways. CemBase Asphalt Fortifier is combined with StreetBond Colorant to enhance aesthetics and, in the case of solar reflective colors, reduce surface temperatures. It also meets EPA requirements for VOCs, and is fully recyclable with asphalt.

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Sealer Concentrate

StreetBond Sealer Concentrate can reduce dirt and tire pickup in hot climates and create a semi-gloss finish over StreetBond pavement coatings

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Primer QS

StreetBond Primer QS is a two-component primer designed to enhance the adhesion of StreetBond coatings to new, aged, and patched concrete surfaces. Primer QS is used in the surface preparation for concrete parking lots, crosswalks, driveways, pathways, level and raised medians, and entryways.

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Limited Warranty Information

A 1-year limited warranty is offered through the purchase of the StreetBond materials. The Limited Warranty language as printed on the pails is shown below.

Manufacturer warrants that the product contained in this container will be free from manufacturing defects that adversely affect its performance for 1 year following completion of installation on a sound pavement substrate, provided that the product is installed during the shelf life indicated on this label and in accordance with published application instructions. Should defective material be found, Manufacturer will replace that portion of the product that peels, delaminates, or shows abnormal wear as a result of a manufacturing defect or, at its sole option, provide the cash value of such replacement product. There are no other product warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Manufacturer is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages of any kind, including but not limited to interior or exterior damages. Other exclusions may apply. See StreetBond® 1-year Limited Warranty at for complete coverage and restrictions.